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Civilian experience in military area

Functional Specialists (FS) are experts in specific working areas which do not have a military function as such, but, thanks to their vast experience in their civilian area of expertise, they could have a decisive impact on the decision making process and/or the achievement of the Commander’s END STATE.
Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) is a powerful tool for a military commander to shape the civil environment in which he has to execute his mission. Providing support to the civil environment is one of the CIMIC core functions aiming to reach the commander’s mission.
Functional specialists will generally work in reach-back capacity, but a short visit in operations should remain possible according to the Just In Time /Just As Needed-principle.

The Functional Specialists are categorized in FOUR areas of activity:

  • Civil Administration
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Economy and Commerce
  • Cultural Affairs and Education

The aim is to create, within the context of the comprehensive approach, a pool of expertise in support of the operations abroad. Whether it’s CIMIC, PSYOPS or as an expert in the human domain, we rely on our FS background and insights to bring us the extra mile when it comes to perception management.

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